PUNE BIENNALE  Heritage- Yours and Mine

IMG_4694 (1a)

Punch, Point & Picture | Collage | 72 x 84 inches | 2015

(Below) Workshop with Delhi Public School and Vibgyor School children | Pune




Punch, Point & Picture is a collaborative art project facilitated by Jinal Sangoi, a Mumbai based artist, educator and founder of The White Paper Project. Along with the students of DPS and Vibgyor High, the project explored the heritage of landscape painting using the techniques of pointillism made out of paper dots from punching machines. The image of Hanuman Tekdi is made of 30 pieces of a 1×1 feet work individually done by each participant. This collaborative method is aimed at symbolically reverting the process of land division caused by development and urbanization, which is an increasing threat to natural environment and ecology.



Spin the Top | Interactive Installation | 72 x 108 inches | 2014

Artists: Anupam Singh and Jinal Sangoi | Commissioned by Child Rights and You (CRY) 

The aim of Spin the Top is to generate awareness among people to vote for politicians and policy makers who treat child rights with equal amount of seriousness and conviction. By marking your support through this playful way and by spinning the tops on the installation, one expresses the urge to bring changes in the political scenario of our country, which will be more beneficial for children, and also brighten the forms of the children in the installation. Symbolically signifying a bright future for all children, hence a bright future of our nation.